About Me

Hi There,

I myself am a former sufferer of the dreaded Erythrophobia (fear of blushing). I have not stopped blushing constantly and when my face does happen to turn red I just don’t care about it. I’m living happily now without fear of any social situation.
I can now talk in groups without the care of possibly going red and this has totally changed my life!

My aim is to help everyone that has this horrible problem, I want to stop everyone from having blushing.
On the main page of this site I have posted information about techniques to cure blushing. I have used every one of the techniques apart from the surgery which I was lucky enough not to have to do.

If you have any other great suggestions about how to stop blushing, or if you have tried some of the techniques on the main page and want to let people know your thoughts then contact me and with your permission I will post your story/advice on the testimonials page or stories page.

Thanks for visiting.