4 Ways to Cure Blushing in 2018

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Me being a former blusher myself I have added to this list things that I tried and other treatments that are more modern, which I never got to try.

I have now cured my blushing, mostly thanks to the number one thing one this list. Remember though, everyone is different, how one person stops blushing may be different how someone else stops blushing.
But the number one thing on this list is the most successful cure. Sadly, it is the most doubted technique too, meaning most people will never try it as they simply don’t believe in it.

Now I’m not talking about everyday blushing, which is a normal thing that happens to most people when they are embarrassed.
I am talking about Erythrophobia, which is the fear of blushing. This is where the person’s face will start turning red for no reason. Sometimes it’s not just their face turning red, it can be arms, neck and chest areas also.

For someone that has Erythrophobia life can be miserable, the condition can lead to increased stress, anxiety and even depression. In severe cases, some people have committed suicide because they could never find out how to stop blushing.

Ways to Treat Blushing in 2018

Blushing Cure Image Success rating Risk Rating Price
Blushing Hypnosis  blushing hypnosis 9/10 1/10 $15 – ∞
Medications  Medication for blushing 6/10 6/10 $5 – 50
Surgery  Surgery for Blushing 9/10 7/10 $0 – $10,000
Eradicane  does eredicane work 3/10 2/10 $49.95


1. Blushing Hypnosis

As I said above hypnosis is the best way to treat blushing, but so many people never try it because they think that hypnosis is a fake or useless treatment.
If you are someone that is open to the idea of hypnosis then you are well on your way to stopping yourself from blushing.

There are two options when it comes to hypnosis for blushing, an expensive option and a cheap option. In this case it is not a ‘you get what you pay for’ scenario. What I mean by this is the cheaper version is the better option, and the most successful.

Why? I’ll tell you.

Expensive option

Ok so the expensive option is that you go to a qualified hypnotist to treat your blushing and make a custom treatment plan.
This in most cases would be great, for example, quitting smoking. The hypnotist has probably treated hundreds of people that want to quit smoking and they have probably helped most of them to do it.
The problem with making custom hypnosis for someone that has erythrophobia is that most hypnotists have not heard of the condition before, if they have heard of it then they haven’t ever actually had to try treat it before, so they must learn the condition from scratch.
They will learn about it by doing mostly online research and basically using you as a guinea pig.
While they use you as a guinea pig, slowly treating you and then making slight changes to their custom hypnosis you are paying them, a lot.

I personally spend thousands of dollars on a hypnotist that did this with me, it helped a little bit but did not cure my blushing permanently. In fact, it came back even worse than before.

Cheap option

This option is simply downloading a hypnosis MP3 from the internet that has been made by professionals.
1000’s of people have already been used for research before you to make this hypnosis track and it has been changed and changed to perfection.
There is no need for an expensive custom hypnosis because 98% of people who have constant blushing, suffer from it for the same reason. Which is, the condition is mostly in their mind.

Am I right?

If you answered yes then chances are that this cheap hypnosis download will work for you too.
Because in most cases the only people it doesn’t work for are people that claim there is a different reason for their constant blushing, the reason being that they suffer from something other than Erythrophobia, like Asian Flush or Rosacea.

If your mind goes into a mini panic before you blush every time, then the blushing feels like it makes your face turn red in an instant, then it is safe to say that you do have Erythrophobia.

You can get the best, most popular and successful track that has helped the most people get rid of blushing from here


2. Medication for Blushing

There are a few different drugs that you can take for blushing. Of course, with any drug their is the chance of side effects.

I have taken a few different medications for blushing, I had side effects for every one of them that I tried. Fortunately, this meant I had to try other options for my facial blushing, which eventually led to a permanent cure.

Some of the medication options for blushing

Medication Possible Side Effects
Beta-Blockers Dizziness, weakness, loss of sex drive, dry mouth, dry skin, diarrhea, memory loss of confusion.
Clonidine Swelling of the throat, tongue, lips and eyes. Insomnia, loss of appetite, vomiting
Botox Injections Drooping eyelid, anxiety, brushing, bleeding, pain



Beta blockers work by reducing or eliminating the effects of adrenalin on your body. That means that little panic attack you have right before you know you’re going to blush, no longer happens.
Beta blockers also decrease your heart rate and blood pressure also helping to get rid of the horrible panicky feeling.

Beta blockers work quite well to help with blushing, I have tried them myself in the past and they stopped me from blushing. Unfortunately, they can have bad side effects. So, try the hypnosis first if you haven’t already.



It is an antihypertensive medicine. It works its magic in the brain, by changing yours nerves compulsions and in turn decreasing blood pressure and stress.

Clonidine is mainly used in for ADHD.

In most cases it is not as effective as beta blockers for stopping blushing but it is worth a try if other methods fail.


Botox Injections

From what I have read using Botox injections for blushing is possible, and quite effective. But as usually there are possible side effects.
If successful the Botox will deaden the correct nerves for 3 to 6 months and you won’t blush for that time.
But what is Botox usually used for? A beauty product that paralyses the forehead and eliminates wrinkles. So, if you go injecting it into other parts of your face, like your cheeks, there is quiet a large risk that they will become paralyzed too, for up to 6 months! You’d look like you are part way through a stroke for 6 months, try explaining that to your friends!

3. Surgery for blushing (ETS)

An operation that should only be tried after all else fails (apart from maybe Botox, I’d skip that all together) is ETS or Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy.

The most common side effects of blushing surgery is droopy eyelid, chronically dry hands and extra sweating bellow the nipple line. As you cannot sweat above the nipple line after surgery, it is very common for patients to sweet a lot more under the nipple line. Many patients have regretted having the surgery, but for even more it has changed their life for the better.

The surgery is done differently by surgeons, some collapse a lung and some don’t. Some cut the nerves responsible for Blushing and sweating, most modern-day procedures the nerves are clamped.

In most cases two incisions are made under the arm pit for a micro camera and small custom-made tool made for the operation, either to cut or clamp the nerves.

If you are really interested in the surgery then you will have to do a lot of research. How much is the blushing ETS surgery depends on where you live, as does the success rate and the way the surgery is completed.


4. Eredicane

Ok to be honest I am a little bias against Eredicane, most of the reviews I have read are not good. The good reviews I have found seem to be scripted.

Anyway it apparently uses GABA, which is the main ingredient in the tablet.

They claim that the GABA in their pill acts like a tranquilizer for the brain helping to decrease anxiety, which causes blushing. It is also meant to help decrease depression, among other things.

If you do try this to stop blushing please let me know so I can post something a little more positive about it.



So there you have it, 4 different techniques that I hope increased your knowledge about how to stop your blushing, and cure you, forever.

Number one recommended cure for facial blushing is this hypnosis track, it is cheap and has little to no risk in trying it. Also it has the second highest success rate, second only to ETS surgery which has more risk involved.

Once you have exhausted all options, hypnosis, medication and Eredicane, then try the surgery. It is definitely not recommended to be the first choice.